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Gearbox Storage and Preventive Measures from Corrosion

Storage location should be planned to prevent the gearbox form being exposed to open air.  Your storage area should be well ventilated, heated and relatively vibration free and as dust free and dry as possible.

The suggested storage temperature the gearbox is located in should stay between +65 Deg F (18 Deg C) to 100 Deg F (40 Deg C) for best long term results.

Non-metallic material such as lacquers, plastics, and rubber items such as seals must be protected against all of the above conditions.  Before storing any equipment and its parts they should be preserved inside and out to prevent deterioration.

Storage is not recommended to be directly on a concrete pad or steel beams.  Options can vary due to size of the gearbox. ( 6 x 6 wood for large units )

Short term storage lease than 3 months.

  • Coat the exterior exposed bare unpainted surfaces with a corrosion inhibitor, such as Valvoine Tectyl product line or with a wax like protective film.
  • Cover the gearbox vent to protect from dirt and dust and air exchange from humidity.
  • Attached a tag to the unit with a notation of the storage date and to track scheduled rotations of the mechanical components.

Long term storage.

  • Drain the gearbox of all oil.
  • With large gearboxes with lip or labyrinth seals.  Oil mist introduces a clean air/oil mixture into the headspace of the gearbox.  Similar to fog, it keeps machine surfaces lightly lubricated to prevent corrosion.

Maintenance issues During Storage.

  • To distribution oil and prevent false brinelling and fretting corrosion, rotate the shafts at least once a month.
  • Visual inspections – when rotating exposed machine surfaces, check to make sure applied protective coatings have not been removed.