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Time and Material Benefits for Emergency Work

Part of Rapid Gears differences to other gear or repairs shops are our capabilities  both in the vast array of equipment we have on our shop floor but more importantly is our expertise in reverse engineering. 

The dilemma that companies face with emergency repairs ( as well as non rush repairs) can be who and at what time can the parts be fixed. Cost is a factor that seems to be more important only when the bills must be paid. 

Here are a few points to stress:

  • Rapid Gear has set shop rates that can be provided, and we document all work and time put into each job, irrelevant of a quoted project or T & M .  We strive to fully understand our costs and what is required to make all types of gearing and repairs. This data continues to help us become better at what we do.
  • We only will charge over time or weekend/ holidays rates if we are instructed to do so. 
  • The real work can ONLY be done on our shop floor, we are not an on-site repair company, BUT can-do engineering type work on site for measuring and consultation for set rates.
  • We can work in partnership with on site specially firms when required. 
  • For full reviews of gear reducers or loose gearing, they really need to be sent to Rapid Gear for evaluation. No easy way around this, just send us the part. 
  • Review of Gear reducers require an RMA number and a fee will apply for disassembly and cleaning as required. Usually between $ 750 and $2000 depending on the unit and its shape. 
  • Theoretically T & M and a quoted unit will result in same end price to repair.  Doing a quote requires more time to review, estimating department to set a quote and in many cases, long delays at our customers to get a PO issued.  If you can send in your unit ASAP and have an open PO issued for a Budget price, we can begin work immediately and order all required bearings,  seals,( forgings if required)  and other components which will have longer lead times. 
  • It boils down to trust;  I feel that the customer should evaluate strategic suppliers to do critical repair work for them have a system in place to expedite these services on a T & M basis. 
  • Desperate companies with emergency work, often call all machine shops for pricing and delivery and end up using a shop that is not right for the job because of false lead times, not having the correct capability and low costing; resulting in long delays, extra cost negotiations after the fact and bad service. We see this often! Non gear shops getting  jobs for gearing and then that same job coming back to us from the winning bid to do the work.  Obviously, the cost remains the same and either that shop looses money or they must go back and get extra funds.  Time is wasted. USE only approved shops for approved services. Know your suppliers.

In summary, Rapid Gear is the shop for you if you require the Following:

  • Large gear reducers repaired, or redesigned as a new drop in.  Large can be defined as 250 pounds or greater.  In some specialized cases, smaller units can be made by us, but only if they are unique and can’t be sourced off the shelf. 
  • Your parts are splines,  racks or gears. 
  • We can do general machining but prefer to only specialize in Gear related products.
  • Parts are between 2 “ and 200 “ and they are not production volumes.